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Standart I'm Dating Our Mailgirl Ch. 14

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This story is a continuation of I'm Dating Our Mailgirl. The 1st 13 chapters of that story should be read first for context. All characters are 18 or older and are completely fictitious as is Seahawk Industries. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.


Joyce addressed Jaime, "Jaime, you will be here at 6:30 in the morning to take 9 to work." I though to myself, "Well, at least one of us still has a job." But I wasn't sure how much love making there would be, if any. And who would be making love to whom?

Nine was still sobbing as we enter the house, but she was doing her best to control her crying. She spoke to me in hushed tones, but I was afraid joyce could overhear what she was saying. "Monica, I'm so sorry for what I did. Why did I have to be so selfish to feed my own ego that I insisted on coming to the Christmas party completely naked."

Without having said a word, joyce walked away from us, but only across the room. Her back was to us, but clearly she was disrobing. Nine continued again in hushed tones which I don't think joyce heard. "I was so foolhardy. I wish I had listened to you and exercised more restraint."

"Nine, there's a very thin line between foolhardy and courageous. As far as I'm concerned, what you did was courageous. You held up a mirror to Seahawk, joyce, Rose, Olivia, Melissa, even David, and forced them to see what hypocrites they are. Do you honestly thing that any of those people didn't enjoy feasting their eyes on your nudity, your shaved pussy?"

joyce turned around and walked back to where we were. She was completely naked. I instinctively knew what was going on; 9 didn't have a clue. She squatted in front of us with her buttocks resting on her feet. Her legs were opened to give a clear view of her shaved pussy. She placed her hands, palm up, on her thighs in what I was to learn was the universal sign of subservience, of submission, beckoning any one who was inclined to partake of her precious sexual fruits to do so.

She started speaking in a low voice, not the authoritative voice of the head of HR. "What happened tonight was a disgrace, from the moment that 9 walked into the hotel completely naked until the debauchery degenerated into ten other employees, heretofore sensible, honest, decent, workers, turning a beautiful dinner into a burlesque hall. Someone must be punished for this. As I see it, there are three possible culprits. First, 9 for brazenly inviting a descent into a bacchanalian pagan ritual by showing up naked. Secondly, Monica for encouraging her actions, if not failing to intervene to prevent them." There was a long pause; she lowered her voice even more. "The third possibility is your humble servant should be punished for subjecting 9 to a series of humiliating actions. Your servant had a clear opportunity to be the loving reconciliatory peace maker, but that opportunity was ignored. You are to be the judge as to who is to be punished."

Nine quickly spoke up. I'm sure she still did not appreciate the Kafkaesque nature of this whole scene. Here was the head of HR, prostrating herself before two inferior employees, at least in the corporate hierarchy, asking them to make a judgment. "What's the issue? Clearly joyce was at fault."

I hesitated before speaking, but eventually I filled the void with a meek assertion, "I agree; joyce is the one who should be punished." I had no trouble uttering the "p" word, punished. I certainly recognized what I was setting up, as joyce most certainly did also. I still don't think poor naive 9 had a clue.

Another long silence. joyce lowered her head and spoke. "Then it is unanimous. We are all in agreement. Your humble servant is the one who must be punished. May your servant escort us to the room of pleasure and punishment?" Presumably, that was a rhetorical question since without waiting for a response joyce stood up and went over to the table by the door and retrieved the collar and chain which were lying there. She gently placed it in my hands. I instinctively knew what to do. I attached them around her neck and led a procession upstairs.

We went past "our" bedroom to the next door. Nine followed quietly and surprisingly asked no questions nor did she have a quizzical look on her face. We entered the room where the previous night joyce had revealed her subservient personality. joyce went to the two poles but without saying a word, she grabbed the wrist restraints and gave them to me to attach them to her. After I did so, I led her to the ankle restraints attached to the poles and started attaching them. "No," commanded 9. "Let me do it."

As she prepared joyce to be flogged, I wondered was she operating out of an instinct or some primitive desire to punish joyce? No words had been spoken, no commands give. When joyce was presented for what was to follow, I reluctantly walked over to the rack of whips. Despite the humiliation 9 had been subjected to, and me also, my reluctance to inflict any real pain compelled me to chose the same bebek escort whip I had used last night, one that would inflict a minimum of pain. Nine said, "No, use this one," as she walked over and chose another whip that had sharp metallic pieces woven into the strands. joyce raised no objections.

After 9 had securely fastened her to the upright poles, I raised the whip and struck a timid blow on joyce's back. Despite the timidity of my thrust, a barely perceptible welt appeared. Then a second blow on the backs of her thighs. "No, give that to me," commanded 9. She grabbed the whip and struck with a viciousness I never imagined her capable of. I knew 9's leg muscles were developing because of all her running around the Seahawk building, but I guess I never realized her arm muscles were developing due to the numerous times she had to carry heavy packages on her routes.

Not a word was said, but 9 got the most sadistic smile on her face as each blow drew blood. joyce said not a word but was audibly whimpering from the obviously painful blows. After the tenth blow, I intervened, "Enough. Let's get her down."

Nine stopped me. "No, let her stay like that all night."

"Nine, her back side looks like raw hamburger. Let me at least apply some salve." She didn't stop me as I went into our bathroom and returned with the tube of salve. I started applying it.

"Nine, she was in that position all last night. Let's at least move her over here to these stocks." I started loosening her manacles and ankle bindings.

"What do you mean she was in this position all last night? Did you have her bound and flogged last night?"

Why did I let that slip out? "Yes."

"How long has she been your sub? When were you going to tell me?"

"Nine, it's very intimate information. I didn't feel it was right for me to reveal our, . . .our little secret." All the while, I was freeing her. Again I had to drape her over my body. "Come help me move her."

Nine stood back and made no effort to help me. "This is very upsetting, Monica. You were actually going to keep this a secret from me? What a betrayal."

"Nine, it just happened last night. When did we have a chance to talk?"

She shouted, "WE WERE TOGETHER ALL NIGHT!! You had all night to tell me."

"There was just no appropriate occasion."

"You weren't going to tell me, were you?" I think 9 had stumbled into the truth. "This was just going to be joyce and Monica's little secret from 9. She then went into a mocking imagined conversation, "Oh, Monica, let's not tell 9. This will just be our little secret. The poor child is so fragile she probably won't be able to process this new progression in OUR relationship."

"No, no, 9. It wasn't like that at all." Meanwhile, joyce had been clinging to me trying to remain upright as I loosened her restraints. "Come help me move her to these stocks." Nine reluctantly shuffled over to us and helped me place her legs at the ankles into a stock with four holes. The two larger outside ones accommodated her ankles and we inserted her wrists into the inner two smaller ones. Her ass was thrust into the air and her head could be lowered onto the ground. I wondered if 9 was relenting as she locked the two pieces of the stocks into place. She slapped joyce's ass for good measure.

Nine addressed me, "This conversation isn't over. Let's get to bed." Before leaving I went over to joyce and bend down so that my head was a few inches from her resting head.

"Will you be alright, sweetheart?" joyce nodded her head in assent. We left her there and retired to the bedroom. Nine deliberately left the door to the room of pleasure and punishment ajar. We entered . . . .well, what should I call it? "Our", "Her" "My" bedroom?. And who is "our", joyce and me, 9 and me, all three of us? However you want to refer to it, we entered, again 9 made a point of leaving the door ajar. I didn't thinks our voices would carry unless we were to resume the shouting match.

"What happened last night?" Nine demanded.

"Last night?" I fired back. "What the hell happened tonight? You entered the house sobbing, frightened like a little girl. joyce disrobed and there was no reaction from you. Did you not question what was happening?" It wasn't a rhetorical question, but there was no answer.

"And then," I continued, "and then you obediently followed us upstairs without questioning what was going on. Here was joyce prostrating herself before us without any explanation, demanding that she be punished. A task, which I might add, you were more that glad to fulfill. To fulfill with such aplomb that you mutilated her backside, drawing blood. Where did this viscous streak come from?"

There was a long silence. Finally, "Monica, I don't know what got into me. I think I was just so humiliated from what had happened at the supper and then to have this handed to me, . . .I acted out of instinct, not thought."

"That's what bothers me. Where did that evil instinct come from? Have you known that mecidiyeköy escort you have this dark side within you?"

She answered, "No, of course not. But stop evading my questions, young lady."

I snapped back, "Don't patronize me. I'm only two years younger than you, YOUNG LADY."

"Monica, what's going on with you and joyce?"

"Let's go to bed and I'll tell you the whole story." I didn't move to the bed immediately, but instead moved to the bathroom where I started drawing a bath. "We're both a little funky from dancing all night. We need to clean up." She followed me. I removed all my clothes. She was still naked but she stepped out of her shoes and removed her ear rings and nipple dangles. She kept the labia dangle in place. "I'm going to have to remove this if you want me to clean your pussy." I did so. Again, I made a point of thoroughly cleaning her asshole since I would probably be visiting there again before too long.

We dried each other off and adjourned to the bed. I started telling her the story of the past 30 hours. "Last night was perhaps the most surreal evening of my life. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and what I was seeing." As I told her each detail, I was met with a barrage of questions. "What did she do?" "What did she say?" "What did you do?" "What did you say?" "How did you feel?" That last question caused me to pause.

"I still don't know what I felt, what I feel. I was made extremely uncomfortable about what I was being told, what she was asking me to do. It seemed so barbaric and primitive."

"But you did whip her."

Again, I paused, "Yes, but not with anywhere near the ferocity that you seemed to relish whipping her."

"Was I wrong?"

"Nine, I think we've entered a new world where there is no right nor wrong." My Presbyterian upbringing nearly cause me to chock on the words as I uttered them.

"What are you going to do?"

"Wait and see. Just wait and see."

"So you really are alright with this new reality?"

I thought before I answered, "When I was in B-school, it was ingrained in us to gather as much information as you can before you act. I guess I'm in an information gathering period."

"So you're going to roll with this new relationship?"

"For the time being. No irrevocable decisions have to be made."

As captivating as my story was, 9 appeared to be tiring. I guess she wanted us to get in a little love making as she started nibbling at my breasts. She moved to my pussy then suddenly stopped. "Wait, we need an audience." She jumped out of the bed and disappeared for about twenty minutes.

Then she appeared in the doorway pushing the body shaped cage with joyce in it. It was upright. joyce had had the anal hook with the manacles inserted into her asshole with, of course, her hands bound. she had what appeared to be a horse's gag in her mouth held into place with chains and a leather strap around her head. Nine moved the cage as close to our bed as she could. "I like that anal hook." She resisted a bit but I applied a lubricant to the ball at the end of the hook and then some more into her anus and it popped right in. "Did you enjoy that when I inserted it, joyce?" joyce nodded her head. "And do you like the feel of it in your asshole, now?" she nodded more vigorously.

"Do you want to watch you precious Monica and me make love?" There was a reluctant nod. With that, 9 dove into my muff and started pleasuring me with her tongue. She attacked my snatch, yes, it was with such vigor that I can only describe it as an attack. But each time she came up for a breath, she didn't look longingly into my eye as I would have expected her to, but instead she kept glancing, no, staring, over to see joyce's reaction. She finally re-positioned herself so that she was propped up on the pillows. She could comfortable see joyce over my torso and her bowed head pleasuring my cunt. She spread her thighs beckoning me to pleasure her, which I did. Again, she wasn't looking down to admire my efforts, but I could see she was looking at joyce as if to taunt her that her lover was pleasuring this upstart mailgirl instead of the head of HR. Then she turned over so that her ass was presenting itself waiting for me to enter. I've always enjoyed massaging her sphincter with my tongue, but suddenly it took on the sense of an unclean chore. But I stuck my tongue in and caused her to orgasm once more. I was afraid to ask her to reciprocate, but I subtly positioned myself so that my asshole was available for her if she wanted to take advantage of it. She didn't.

We continued for another thirty minutes, then we both needed to catch a hold of our emotions. I took her in my arms, "Nine, you seemed to be performing more for joyce than for me?"

"Don't be silly. Of course my goal was to pleasure you."

"To pleasure me, or to antagonize joyce?" We were talking softly to each other, but there was no way that joyce could not have heard. Indeed, with each mention of her name, she seemed to flinch in some sort of florya escort emotional pain. As if to emphasize her point, 9 got out of the bed and walked over to the cage. "joyce, did you enjoy those performances? Did we get your cunt juices flowing? Did you maybe want to join us?" joyce nodded with each question, but her nods became more vigorous with each subsequent question. I have to admit that with the suggestion that the three of us engage in wild unrestrained lesbian sex, my pussy juices began flowing once again.

Instead of coming back into bed, or even removing joyce from her cage, 9 turned to me and said, "Monica, it's almost time for the alarm to go off. Fix some breakfast for joyce and me." That simple command had the same effect as a slap across my face. Of course, I would be happy to fix 9 some breakfast. I would have no problem in fixing some extra for joyce, but the imperative tone bothered me. But not so much that I didn't get out of bed and move to the kitchen.

Maria was in the kitchen making biscuits when I got there. I made a sausage gravy, something I hadn't had since I was back home in Georgia. Maria had prepared a breakfast casserole featuring sausage, potatoes. onions, pepper strips and eggs. There was, of course, hot coffee. I couldn't manage three plates so Marie accompanied me back upstairs with half the food. She carried the coffee, I carried the pineapple juice.

When we entered the bedroom, joyce was out of the cage but she was standing stlll impaled with the anal hook and her wrists manacled. The bit had been removed from her mouth to facilitate eating, and, apparently, conversation. Maria did not say a word nor betray any surprise at the scene. I made a note to ask joyce if Maria had been employed by her and Amelia so that this scene was familiar, although the main characters may have changed. The two bed trays that we used to carry the food were placed on the bed, one over 9's lap who was in bed. I crawled in and Maria placed the second tray over my lap. Nine ordered Maria to place the third plate on the floor so joyce could eat. But with her wrists manacled, she had no choice but to lap up her food like a dog, just as she had expected nine to eat earlier in the evening but for Terri's intervention.


I was now 6:10. Obviously the alarm clock had gone off while I was out of the room. I'm sure 9 must have attended to her toilet, but it was not so apparently joyce had done so since I think she could not have done so with an anal hook impaled in her rectum. Nine would not have to leave until 6:30, so there was still time for breakfast and conversation. "Monica, joyce has told me a bit of what is expected of her, and, frankly, what is expected of us." "Us?" I questioned in my mind without saying anything aloud. But when did "you" as in what is expected of "you" become what is expected of "us".

I stared at 9 clearly indicating by my silence that I was anticipating what was to be said next. "she is no longer worthy of being called by her given name. We need to rechristen her, but with a degrading name worthy of her low station in life. 'bitch', 'whore', 'cunt' are too commonplace. she obviously has a fondness for impaling objects into her rectum. I propose either 'rectum' or the more universal 'asshole'. What do you think?"

Suddenly I was brought back into the decision making process and the conversation. "anus" I said. "It has a more classic sound."

Nine smiled at me, "Yes. 'anus'." She smiled a devious smile toward joyce, or better said anus. She smiled back at me, "anus it shall be." Mouthsful of food were being consumed during this entire conversation, including by anus, but her mouthsful were not being accomplished by placing food on a fork and then inserting it into her mouth, but rather by her lowering her mouth into her plate of food.

Nine turned to me. "I must be off to work. I have a full day ahead of me."

"On top of a full night?" I asked. "Are you up to it?"

"What choice do I have. I'm a lowly mailgirl who must do her duty each day."

"Can we get together tonight?"

"I'm sure I'll be exhausted, but I would love to spend the night with you. Meet me after my shower this evening and we'll go back to the warehouse and spend the night there."

I recoiled in horror. anus was still there and she heard every word. We may ignore her but that didn't mean that she didn't exist. "Nine, anus does not know about our evening rendezvous at the warehouse."

"Maybe it's time for her to learn." I was aghast that she made this revelation. There really was nothing anus could do to 9, not that she would have any incentive to. But what could this knowledge do to me. But the deed was done and it could not now be undone.

"I just heard Jaime drive up. I've got to get to work. Sweetheart, can you take my shoes and my jewelry and my clutch home for me?" Nine had not showered, but she would be doing that first thing when she got to the Seahawk building. She didn't bother applying any makeup. "Bye, love," she voiced to me as she walked over to me and kissed me passionately. Then she went over to anus and said, "bye, love." I was jolted that she used the very same greeting for both of us. But that was not nearly as jolting as seeing her kiss anus as passionately as she had kissed me. With that she left.
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